An act of love

     I have a post almost completed that I had planned to publish today.  Something, however, happened today that I just had to share instead.  Today started as an average day, filled with diaper changes, cut up bananas, and a quick but inconvenient trip to a “convenience” drug store.  When my kids and I got home we ate lunch then they were off to nap.  I grabbed the mail from the mailbox and started sorting as usual.  I came across a Medical bill that I was expecting but was floored by the amount.   After making several phone calls I came to the conclusion that, yes, we in fact owed the amount.  God Bless having to meet those deductibles!   Guess what….he did.  God, I mean. 

An AWESOME day:                                                                                                                 First a brief background; We are basically a one income family.  I work prn (on-call) but am only available a few hours in the evenings and on weekends.  I get work as I am called to fill in but it is always feast or famine.  Money is very tight as it is for many of use right now.  However,  we feel blessed to have what we have.  

Ok, so I am now realizing we have another unexpected expense.  We just had to buy a new stove this week also because ours exploded.  No one was hurt thankfully.  I did have a mild heart attack standing there with a fire extinguisher not knowing whether to spray something or just chuck the thing at the stove and RUN.   The point is money was really going out quickly and I have only been called to work twice in a months time.  Until…God provided!  an average day became AWESOME because God provided.  I no sooner set the medical bill down and my phone started ringing.  It was our staffing coordinator from work.  She had not one day but 4 days of work for me.  We hung up and the phone rang again.  Another facility was calling saying they were swamped and needed at least 5 days immediately and 5-6 in the foreseeable months.  This is not a coincidence. This is an act of love.  God’s love.  Just a fluke?   I can not tell you how many times this has happened to me.  I remember when I had just graduated from college and was living in an apartment by myself.  I was $100.00 short on my bills after doing a quick budget one month.   Again, with in moments of this realization I  received an offer to do some side work for exactly $100.00.  God provides for my family and I in so many ways and I wanted to share this with you.  It is so humbling to receive God’s love and to be present enough to notice.  This reassured me that God wants us to live simply.  To be good stewards of his creation, his gifts to us.  I think that God is intentional in his blessings, to teach us if we are listening.  Today I learned that the gift of enough is greater than the gift of abundance.  God Bless

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2 Responses to An act of love

  1. Kate says:

    This is so encouraging to read. He REALLY does provide for us. Why are we always like the Israelites, seeing His awesome miracles of provision one minute and grumbling and complaining the next? I wonder if that’s why He keeps us in those “dependent seasons” sometimes- we need to keep experiencing over and over again His grace and provision before our hearts start to actually catch on!

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