Time to Organize

Time flies.   No one tells you how quickly time flies with each new year.  But boy does it ever!  I know I haven’t posted in, wow, almost a year.  I have several good excuses though!  Since then I have had crazy morning sickness, sold our house, bought a house and had a baby girl!  We are now a family of 5 with a little more room to move and get organized.

While away from blogland I have realized what I like about the blogs I read…PICTURES.  I am a visual learner and often only have time to scan pictures to gather the information from posts.  So, even though I am NOT a photographer (not even close),  I will be using mostly pictures to share whatever it is I share here:)  Enjoy!

Organizing snacks

These 2 blue crates are where I keep on the go snacks in the refrigerator.  I have another one on the pantry shelf.


1-31-13 001

I bought these food safe BPA Free mini food storage containers at the Dollar Tree.  They come in a pack of 10 for just $1.00!

13113 001 1-31-13 005I use them for:

Goldfish, raisins, almonds, dried cranberries, etc.

In the refrigerator I use them for:

Apple sauce, yogurt, dips with meals, etc.

1-31-13 002This makes snack time and getting out the door with healthier snacks so much easier.  You can also buy larger containers of each item which will save you money and reduce waste.

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Tweaking the playroom

Adding a very quick and easy Book Nook to the playroom.



Re-vamping “Dress-up corner“:  $1.00 row of hooks from the dollar store and a treasure box gifted to us at Christmas.  Hang clothes and toss hats, jewelry, shoes, etc. in the box.  This method is much more effective for my 3 1/2 yr old and my 21 mo. old  for easy clean up and play time.

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Thrifty craft organization

I found a great “over the door” storage/ shoe holder at Goodwill for $3.97.  I loved the fabric and the varying sizes of pouches it offered.  When I got it home I realized that our playroom closet door has a tight seal at the top, leaving no room to hang hooks and still be able to close the door.  So, I decided to nail it up on the wall instead.  It is by far the best solution for me so far (I have tried plenty).  I can access everything easily and I know what I have.





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What’s going Wednesday #13

This weeks “what’s going” pile is too large to list everything so here are the highlights:

clothes :  both kids and adults

toys oh the toys

more storage containers were emptied and will stay for now to see what might be reused elsewhere.  The rest will go.






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Stocking meals & Meal Planning challenge 4

My veggie scrap dish filled up very quickly.  Once the econo-sized jar below was filled with potato and other veggie water I added it all along with salt to my crock pot.   I let it cook on high for 4 hours.


The result:  4 totally free jars of organic vegetable broth.  I left extra room in the top of each jar so I could add these vegetable broths to my freezer stock pile.


A Meal Planned breakfast:

Eggs in a basket and jelly on toast.

If you need a reason or a gentle push to cook more meals at home the following worked for me……………McDonald’s drops use of gooey ammonia-based ‘pink slime’ in hamburger meat

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What’s going Wednesday # 12

The excited has not gone away!  I am still happily “destuffing”  our house.  I am realizing that everyone is right when they say it is an ongoing process.  I am ok with that, but I will feel I reached a short-term finish line once I have put my hands on every object in the house and declare “staying or going”.

Going this week:  A bread dish, deviled egg plate, 3 glasses, 3 snowman decorations, a shot glass (I thought these were long gone), 2 decorative dishes, 2 decorative pitchers, magazines, several of the husbands shirts, a basket, and hangars.

Below are a few baskets that have been emptied while de-stuffing.  They may end up going too but for now they will be set aside for organizational use if needed.


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When I should be decluttering…

When I should be decluttering drawers, closets, bedrooms, and playrooms I was instead playing with blocks.  Well, sort of.   I found a board in the basement and some wooden pieces from a recent home project.  I decided to build a shelf for my growing collection of jars.  By “building” I really mean stacking.  I stacked 2 blocks on either side and simply placed the board across the top.  If this works out for my needs I will assemble it with nails and glue but for now if the whim strikes me to use this somewhere else I can.

Total cost:  Free

Environmentally:  Reusing -no new products purchased.


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Stocking meals & meal planning challenge 3

Meal planning ideas:  Taco-stuffed pepper cups, spinach Quiche, black beans and rice, potato leek soup, kale chips (these are good), slow cooker vegetarian chili, eggplant & tomato casserole, chicken noodle soup, cheesy hash browns, sausage brunch casserole.  Please note that I make substitutions when possible to ingredients that are highly processed and also to work with what I have available at home.

Macaroni salad for side dishes with lunch and/ or dinner.


I started a scrap veggie bowl and stock water to make my own vegetable stock.

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Stocking meals & meal planning challenge 2

Hitting the ground running:

I am soaking black and northern beans to cook and freeze.


Homemade granola and the dry base for baked oatmeal.


Pea and noodle casserole:  Left- dinner for tonight.   Right-freezer portion minus toppings of tomato, bread crumbs, and cheese.  This is a tuna noodle casserole minus the tuna with added toppings.  This is just one of my concoction but it was actually good.

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What’s going Wednesday #11

This week:

Scraps of fabric-I have a friend that may want these.

Fabric basic basket covers

A wooden box I let M & L paint, a snowman, and one of my plastic pitchers.

Items to be given to someone specific or donated to somewhere specific.

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