Time to Organize

Time flies.   No one tells you how quickly time flies with each new year.  But boy does it ever!  I know I haven’t posted in, wow, almost a year.  I have several good excuses though!  Since then I have had crazy morning sickness, sold our house, bought a house and had a baby girl!  We are now a family of 5 with a little more room to move and get organized.

While away from blogland I have realized what I like about the blogs I read…PICTURES.  I am a visual learner and often only have time to scan pictures to gather the information from posts.  So, even though I am NOT a photographer (not even close),  I will be using mostly pictures to share whatever it is I share here:)  Enjoy!

Organizing snacks

These 2 blue crates are where I keep on the go snacks in the refrigerator.  I have another one on the pantry shelf.


1-31-13 001

I bought these food safe BPA Free mini food storage containers at the Dollar Tree.  They come in a pack of 10 for just $1.00!

13113 001 1-31-13 005I use them for:

Goldfish, raisins, almonds, dried cranberries, etc.

In the refrigerator I use them for:

Apple sauce, yogurt, dips with meals, etc.

1-31-13 002This makes snack time and getting out the door with healthier snacks so much easier.  You can also buy larger containers of each item which will save you money and reduce waste.

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One Response to Time to Organize

  1. Lady Elaine Fairchild says:

    Oh I was wondering where you were! Great to see your blog active again.

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