Not Another Card Holiday!

What in the world are we supposed to do with all the cards we get for Valentine’s Day and every other holiday for that matter?

Well, since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, here is a great craft you can do with the kids after all the cards have trickled in.

This would be adorable with those kids Valentine’s you give out in school!  Do kids still do that?  I hope so, I loved making those Valentine’s Mailboxes!

Decoupaged Holiday Card  Placemats

I found a pile of Christmas cards sent to Madelyn so we decided to make a Christmas placemat today.  She loves crafts, especially those  involving a paint brush.

What you need:

Glue (Elmers, kids craft, whatever you have on hand) but it must be the kind that drys clear.

Paint brush

Something to mix water and glue in

Old cards (save up all the Valentine’s you’re about to recieve and you will have a great keepsake to use again next year.)

Step 1.  Remove the back part of the card.

          2.  Cut the card into any shape you want.  I do circles and ovals but I don’t worry about perfection.  It’s a kids project and are easy to please.

          3.  Squeeze the glue into container, add water and mix.  Use just enough water to make the mix runny. 

         4.  Lay cards out in desired pattern.  Make sure they overlap so they can be glued together by the mix.

        5.  Paint the cards with the mix.  You can attach the cards to a piece of cardboard or you can just paste the cards together. 

       6.  Cover cards completely with glue mix .  Be sure to lift overlapping pieces to paint in between.  (The glue will dry clear so thoroughly cover both sides.

Our Christmas placemat!  You can make them look as artistic or as carefree as you wish.  Madelyn (my 2-year-old)  helped to arrange the cards and together we “painted” on the glue mixture. 

It looks like a two year old helped to make this and that’s what I love about it!:)


Here is another great way to Reuse cards and to help a great cause at the same time:  This is St. Jude’s Ranch  “Recycled Card Program.”

 I am linking tohere.  Try it!  And here. Join in! And here.

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