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Thrifty craft organization

I found a great “over the door” storage/ shoe holder at Goodwill for $3.97.  I loved the fabric and the varying sizes of pouches it offered.  When I got it home I realized that our playroom closet door has a … Continue reading

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A place for everything and everything in it’s place

As part of my goal to simplify my life, I have been getting rid of the “stuff” in my house that just doesn’t serve a purpose.  I have been showing you everything I am removing from the house through my … Continue reading

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Too many clothes!

The holiday weekend is officially over.   Before the holiday decorating frenzy begins I will single-handedly tackle the clothes monster currently roaming our house.  I asked my husband to set up the 6 foot folding table in the middle of … Continue reading

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Before and After: Kitchen

As promised I am continuing in the  “de-stuffing” of our house.  Today I took on the kitchen.  The whole kitchen at once would be too overwhelming and time-consuming so I completed 2 cabinets. First up; my baking, serving, and prep … Continue reading

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Before and After

Organizing to simplify The Mud room catch-all counter and drawers I am so intrigued by minimalism.  It’s right up my alley.  I know I could not go to the extend that some people do, but the idea of living with less … Continue reading

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Organizing it Green: Craft Supplies

With a burst of creative energy came the need to organize all my craft supplies.  I don’t have a craft room but with 2 little ones I can’t really hang out in a room that’s all my own anyway.  Mr. … Continue reading

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Organizing the mail and making it pretty too!

After a brief trip and break from organizing the mood to continue struck me today.  I want to tackle paper issues.  Specifically mail that needs to be paid and replied to.  This is our corner unit.  I bought it at an … Continue reading

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DIY Dress-up Station

This morning I came across one of my decorative ladders.  For some reason I just love these.  I have used them in other places we lived but have yet to use them in our current home.  I wanted to use … Continue reading

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Today’s Thrift Store Finds

I found ANOTHER new to me thrift store and had great success in my finds.  As I have said, I am in a crazy organizing mood lately so I was thrilled to find these stackable paper sorters.  I have actually … Continue reading

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Organizing Spring: The Playroom

We recently converted our guest room into to a playroom.  It is on the main floor of our home and we are loving it.  Our guest room is now in the basement which allow guests more privacy and gives us … Continue reading

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