What’s going Wednesday # 12

The excited has not gone away!  I am still happily “destuffing”  our house.  I am realizing that everyone is right when they say it is an ongoing process.  I am ok with that, but I will feel I reached a short-term finish line once I have put my hands on every object in the house and declare “staying or going”.

Going this week:  A bread dish, deviled egg plate, 3 glasses, 3 snowman decorations, a shot glass (I thought these were long gone), 2 decorative dishes, 2 decorative pitchers, magazines, several of the husbands shirts, a basket, and hangars.

Below are a few baskets that have been emptied while de-stuffing.  They may end up going too but for now they will be set aside for organizational use if needed.


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One Response to What’s going Wednesday # 12

  1. I’m de-stuffing my house little by little, too. I love these little pictures. They’re motivating.

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