Too Many Clothes- update #2

I have moved my son into the next size of clothing.   He and his sister share a room and yet another small closet.  But actually, it turns out these closets are not so small after all.    They have plenty of space for a family’s needs if said family keeps only what they wear and love.  My daughter’s side of the closet have 3 racks while my son’s only has one.  Our home was built in the early 50’s and has closets you can walk into but has only short racks on either side to hang clothes (by walk into I mean step in and face left or right, not walk-around).   Although the amount of clothes still seems large, I am thrilled that their closet now contains all clothing that fit them currently and that they will grow into this year.  This includes clothing for ALL seasons.  As they wear these items or try them on I can easily weed out ill-fitting clothes, etc.  I placed a small basket on the floor of the closet where clothes can be tossed to be donated or packed away.




  Yes, it is messy but that will come later!


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