Too many clothes-update #1

I know I don’t wear all the clothes I own but with some pieces I always play the “someday” game.  I have already gotten rid of 3 laundry baskets (pictured below) full of clothes belonging  to myself and my husband.  I hung up a lot of my shirts with the hangers hooking from the back.  I am giving myself to the end of each season for a chance to wear these items.  If the hangers are still backwards at the end of the coordinating season they too will go.  I am still working on “out of season” clothes bins  and making good progress at this point.  I will have an update on kids clothes for you tomorrow.  I hung all my clothes with like colors.  It looks nice, yes, but it also helps me to be able to picture my closet (small, yes!) when I am out shopping for clothes.  I can determine whether or not I need ANOTHER black shirt, etc …..or not!

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