Another day- more stuff!

I gathered these items from around the kid’s bedroom.  As I went through the pile I put each item in an appropriate box.

In the blue bin I put all clothes that were outgrown and need to be saved for later and the hopes of another child someday.  The toys and puzzles that were to stay had a box and of course the rest went to a “leaving the house” box.  Anything that did not belong in their room went into a handled basket (not shown here) that I bring with me every time I clean.   These items (tape, scissors, pens, etc,)  will be put away as soon as the project is complete.


I have been working for a while now to “de-stuff” the house.   Every time I have to stop working, the boxes (below) I am using to sort items have to be moved or the kids dive into them like its their own personal christmas.  Soooo…. I did a little furniture rearranging in the family room (which I LOVE to do anyway) and I lined the boxes along the back wall and set up a gate in front of them.  This has been great.  Now I can declutter a drawer or just random items I find and the boxes are all ready for me to just toss an them into.  My productivity is really increasing with this method.  I just hope no one wants to stop by for a while!  Oh well, if they do maybe they will want to stay and help me!  You think!?

If you are curious about the categories for my sorting boxes they are:  toys, donate (leaving the house), give back to/ give to…, self-care/bathroom, tools/ HH supplies, basement, crafts and gift wrap, gifts, paper, Bill’s stuff.

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