What’s going Wednesday #9

Over the holidays, and by that I mean Thanksgiving through New Year’s, our family has had one cold and or illness after the other.  From what I hear this year’s batch of colds, flu’s, and sore throats have hit everyone everywhere.  So I hope you are all finally feeling better too!  Because of this we spent LOTS of time at home.  This gave me great opportunity to really dive into to my stuff and really “de-stuff.”  The idea of minimalism is so appealing to me.  I can imagine waking up and having time to just play with the kids.  No 20 loads of laundry because we don’t own 20 loads worth of clothes, no organizing this or that because we keep only what we need and find a place  for everything.  I read a great book by Joshua Becker called Simplify.  He talks about his and his family’s experience with minimalism and he talks about how it is “their” version of minimalism.   I love that.  Although my version of living with less may not be someone else’s minimalism I think we can all find a place on the spectrum.

Well, as I said I have been busy at work “de-stuffing.”  It is a busy time of year to do this but it was nice being able the go through the major holiday decorations at the same time.  I was able to pass on a lot of Christmas decor as I realized I didn’t want to display this or that.  So I just immediately put those items into a donate box.  I also got rid of a full box of stuffed animals, lots of play kitchen toys, miniature toys, Bill’s shoes, bags of all types.



  To weed out the above this was all of the actual trash.  Not too bad.  I am much happier when I can donate or recycle instead of creating more trash.  I am seeking a more simplified life but I don’t intend to harm the environment in doing so.  Well, I will try my best.

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One Response to What’s going Wednesday #9

  1. Good for you! De-clutter is one of my favorite terms. It is amazing how much better you feel about yourself, your home and for your family when you can eliminate items that no longer have a use. Creating space to me is the equilavent of a breath of fresh air.

    Happy Simplifying,
    Jennifer Wilcox

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