A productive day

Yesterday was a productive day.  Well, sort of.  We had no where that we had to be so we spent the entire day at home.  This was nicer than usual because my house was clean.  It was clean solely due to the prep for the playgroup I hosted  earlier in the week.  I cleaned out a small canvas box shelving unit that had been housing some bathroom non-essentials.  I happily got rid of all but a few things.  I rededicated the storage unit to my kids for their craft supplies.  (The ones that they may access without supervision anyway.)  My 3-year-old would be able to have all of the supplies but her 19 months old brother is never far behind.  After that I went through a stack of papers, paid bills, sent out the last 3 Christmas cards awaiting addresses, made minestrone soup (from a recipe not a package mix), made up a double batch of pancake/ waffle mix to freeze,  cleaned up the same puzzle 12 times and ended the day reading Christmas books to the kiddos in a comfy recliner.  It was a productive day.


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One Response to A productive day

  1. lady Elaine Fairchild says:

    That soup looks delish!

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