Santa’s Workshop

I hosted a “Santa’s Workshop”  playgroup which fell on St. Nicholas day.   The kids completed craft projects as special gifts for mom and dad for Christmas.  They played and ate cookies (the cut and bake kind-because I was too tired to make them from scratch) while moms enjoyed coffee and conversation.  It felt so much like what the holidays should be.  Just simple times laughing and playing with friends enjoying the moments together.

 Project #1:  Fingerprint Christmas light cards/picture frames.  I used a folded 8 1/2 x 11 piece of card stock so it could sit up on its own.

Project #2:  The cans are wrapped in fabric and ribbon and embellished with foam stickers and glitter glue.

Project #3:  Sorry for the poor picture.  These are   salt dough ornaments.  Colored with markers and attached to a popsicle stick.  I wrote the year and words on the stick and the kids picked out the ribbon/ string for their ornament.



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