Deck the Halls!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..around here.  I really enjoy decorating our house for Christmas.  I love the warm home-y feeling a house has when filled with red and green, this and that’s.  I have not and will not be buying any new decorations except for our Christmas tree itself.  I have not had a real tree since I’ve moved out of my parents house some 15 years ago.  I am excited to let my kids experience a real tree  right in the middle of our living room.  Of course I will have to put a gate around the it for the day-to-day sha-nan-a-gins or the ornaments (that I have collected since birth) will be history in a day.  “F-R-A-G-I-L-E ….why that must be Italian.”  (line from my all time favorite movie; A Christmas Story)

Getting started:


Deck the halls and the playroom.

Meet “Sippy-Middle”

 He is our                “Elf on Shelf” and today when I introduced him to my kids M looked up at him and said “Hi, I am M and this is my brother L.”  It was just too cute and something I hope I never forget.

Sippy’s silent friends…..



Family room curtains……


Oh, how boring they are but we’ll worry about that after the holidays.  For now I like the ribbon and ball ornament.  We have four windows in our family room so this makes more of an impact than you can see here.

I rearranged the furniture to prepare for the Christmas Tree,  hung the advent calendars and set out the basket of wrapped holiday books.  We started unwrapping and reading today.  The kids thought it was so exciting to unwrap a book to read for bed that I don’t think they remembered already owning the book:)  The first advent sticker was placed on the winter scene and the first star was attached to the advent nativity board.  The fun has begun!




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2 Responses to Deck the Halls!

  1. lady Elaine Fairchild says:

    I like Sippy Middle

  2. themessynest says:

    Love your Christmas decorating, especially the ‘elf on a shelf’ think I might try and make an elf! I’ve just planted some Christmassy bulbs for decorating my home and to give as prezzies, check out my blog I think you’ll like it. Bex x

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