DIY seasonal magnets and holiday lists

\Holiday Cheer

We’ve begun Our Christmas prep.

1. Completed Christmas photo cards.  All ordered and all stuffed in the envelopes.

2. Bought a 2011 ornament for each child.

3.  Complete list of what seasonal activities we want to try to fit in.

4.  Complete scrapbooks for grandparents

5.  Gather information on serving and donation opportunities.

6.  Paint Christmas/ winter themed DIY magnets.

7.  Wrap gifts-in an eco-friendly manner

8.  Start reading my bible nightly

9.  plan a birthday cake for Jesus

10.  Wrap Christmas books that we already own to open and read daily through Advent.

(see above Christmas book idea here)

11.  ahhhh,  finish list of things to do.

My daughter painted wooden shapes we picked up at AC Moore.  We added magnets to the backs to hang them on the fridge.  We have been doing this for many seasons and occasions.  The kids seem to love to play with them, moving them all around and creating their own display.


I used the left over paint splattered foil to wrap one christmas book.  All will be wrapped in scraps, newspapers, or anything that would other wise be thrown away or recycled.


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2 Responses to DIY seasonal magnets and holiday lists

  1. Lillian says:

    My MIL always does a cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve and I love the tradition, but always felt bad that it doesn’t get eaten. Then I read online an idea(wish I could remember where now!) that they always have cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast and they put candles in them and light them to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. I loved that idea! Especially since we’ve started doing cinnamon rolls anyway.

  2. Jenn says:

    I like the idea of making the birthday celebration as a part of
    Christmas morning breakfast. Thanks for this idea! I guess I should add “pick a Christmas morning breakfast that will hold candles” to my list:)

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