DIY Thanksgiving place cards

Using supplies I had in my craft bins we made some fun place holders for all the kiddos joining us for Thanksgiving dinner.  Chances are that you do not have all the supplies I have used for this project at home.  But, before you go out and buy anything look at what you do have and maybe you can make the necessary changes to the craft.  Most importantly make sure it if fun and not work.  Madelyn, our 3-year-old, was able to help create hers while Liam just run around with supplies.  We all had fun!

As you can see I used rubber bands to hold the leaves on the base of the scarecrow.  I wanted to keep the project simple and because other kids were making the project with us I did not want to use a glue gun.  I pressed the styrofoam balls onto the cones  then removed them to add glue.  The hats are glued on too.  Both using craft/ Elmer’s glue.  The faces were made with glitter glue.

I think they will be an adorable and fun addition to our holiday table.  How do you add fun and festivities to your holiday tables?

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