Reusable produce bags

I have been looking around for reusable bags intended to for fruits and vegetable to take to the grocery store/ farmers market.  I always feel bad using those cheapo plastic bags stores supply for produce, especially when they are then being put into a reusable grocery bag.  If I am going to bring grocery bags why not bring produce bags and eliminate extra plastic all together?  There are some great options on Etsy but in true Jenn fashion I just couldn’t bring myself to buying them when I knew I could make them the something I already had around the house.  So…..

I found this screen that admittedly was a waste of money.

The fabric is just the kind of mesh people use to make the produce bags so I cut it away from the frame and made these bags:

I tied small loops on the ribbons for easy storage by my shopping bags.

They are merely functional not perfect but I am so excited about using them!  Am I the only one that gets excited about reusable things?  Simple pleasures.

linking to:  Tidy Mom

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