Community Supported Agriculture

The CSA we joined has been amazing.  Our first year as members is coming to an end.  We will be joining again next year and can hardly wait to start all over again with spring’s bounty.  As I visited the farm through the growing season I gained new determination to lead a purposefully simplified life.  Watching vegetables grow in proper turn, fruits coming in and out of season in the blink of an eye,  life seems to be predestined to be simple and flowing.

Our latest pick up was full of purple goodness.  I fell in love with purple pepper.  The large root looking vegetable in the center is celeriac (celery root).  I grated half into a stir-fry and saved half to grate into vegetable soup.

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One Response to Community Supported Agriculture

  1. I am hoping to join our local CSA next year, and I love reading blog posts about them. I am not sure why, but I really enjoy peeks into the CSA hauls of others.

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