You can influence companies to go green.

When it comes to the environment, every bit helps.  EVERY bit helps!  You can make a difference even when it seems that everywhere you turn someone is working against you.  We can influence large companies and businesses to change.  Tell them we want more environmentally safe products and manufacturing processes by demanding  it.

How does one person demand it?  Through our spending power.  Use your spending power to send a clear message that you want sustainable,  organic,  fair trade,  healthy, safe, and eco-friendly products and practices.  As more and more people request recycled or sustainable everyday items, the more companies will produce them.  Supply and demand.  It really can be this simple.  It may not feel like much is changing when you purchase recycled paper or locally made goods, but it is!

It can feel overwhelming to try to change everything you are buying and using all at once.  Just start by deciding what is the most important to you and make changes there.  For me I started with cleaning products:

1.  I would purchase eco-friendly products once my conventional products ran out.   Slowly, I had transferred all cleaning products over to its Green version.  Later, I took it one step further and with the same process of waiting until I used up a product, I made all of my own “all-natural” cleaning products.

2. I began buying organic foods.  I started by making all of my purchases in the grocery store then expanded to mostly farmer’s markets, my own garden, and our CSAI am currently working on minimizing the processed foods we eat and buying items which promote less packaging.

3.  I am starting to change over our self-care products.  I buy a few items in the eco-friendly version and have been making several myself.

4.  Next on my hit list is water.  I know that water consumption is a huge concern for all of us.  As Americans we really need to take notice of its value.  We are so fortunate to be able to turn on a faucet and have clean drinking water.  I am seeking to become more knowledgeable on this topic so please share any resources you may have.  I have an ever growing list of documentaries to watch about this.  In the mean time, I am working very hard to save water wherever I can.   Please join me in this task to be conscious of our own water waste and to help educate others as well.

What Green moves are you making?  Do you have any great tips that helped you?

Start your search for an eco-friendly version of almost anything you buy here.

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