Kids Consignment Sale Season

Some people look forward to the start of football as fall approaches.  They block off all distractions on their calendars, buy chips, salsa, and beer and await each game with mania.  I  respond with the same enthusiasm to kids consignment sale season.

It is that time of year again when kids consignment sales events are taking place around the country.   Some of these sales are so incredibly well stocked that I can literally accrue an entire seasons wardrobe for my kids in mere hours.  At last year’s fall sales I spent $175.00 on everything I needed for my 2 kids for fall and winter seasons.  This included pants, shirts, sweaters, coats (fall and winter), hats, gloves, boots, rain coats, snow pants, and vests.  The above price also included all of their christmas presents from us.  Not too bad huh!  This year I want to let everyone in on the money-saving and very eco-friendly excitement.

What you need to know:

Volunteer –  Sign-up to volunteer.  You get to shop early and have the best selection.

Consign –  You can shop early while making some money on your old stuff. 

Get there first –  If you do not want to make any commitments but just want to shop, than be there 15-30 minutes before they open sales to the public.  The early bird gets the worm at these things.

Make a list –  Do a little prep work before you go.  Go through all your kids clothes, shoes, boots, hats, coats, etc..   Write down what they have or just what they need and the sizes.  One of the sales I attend suggests that you trace your child’s foot on cardboard and cut it out (so you can slip it into a shoe for fit).  They also recommend that you measure the inseam of a pair of pants that fits them and cut a piece of string the same size.   Although most sales have everything organized by size and gender brands are not created equally.  Every 3T can be different so the measuring string will be very useful.

Kids –  If possible leave them at home with Dad/Mom or a sitter.  If you arrive prepared it can take as little as an hour to shop and check out.  Of course they may have to go with you so bring them in a stroller with a basket to have free hands and a place to stow the stuff.

Bring a large bag or a cart on wheels.  If you find numerous items it can become a lot to just carry in your arms.  Some sales have laundry baskets you can carry around.

Have Fun!  I have such a wonderful time preparing and shopping these sales.  I feel great knowing that I am not only helping the family budget but I am doing something good for the planet too! 

My prep work:

I removed all of the kids summer clothes and began filling closets and drawers with their fall/ winter apparel.  This year, because I often buy larger sizes,  I am not going to have to focus much on current needs.  I can look again at larger sizes for next years needs and spent more time looking at books, toys, and shoes.  I have prepared all the items I plan to consign and Madelyn and I downsized a bit in the toy department.



I have my list and a rolling cart all ready to go!

Do you attend consignment sales?  Have any great tips?  I would love to hear them or about your great finds.  Click here to find a sale near you.

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3 Responses to Kids Consignment Sale Season

  1. Jenn says:

    I hope you are able to find some near you. They really are worth the trip, even if that means it may take a bit of drive time to get there. Good Luck!! I would love to hear about what you find.

  2. Jenn says:

    Click on my link in the post above. I found 13 sales in Nebraska, but of course you will have to see if they are actually close to your city.

    • lady Elaine Fairchild says:

      I found one! Now if my husband will stop watching football and drive me there is the true test. We dont have no easy way to drive.

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