Thrifty Adventures #3


Garage sales are back:)  Well, they have been back for a while now around here but I am just getting started.

I picked up these 2 condiment servers for $.20 each.  They will be great for a cook-out style baby shower I’m hosting this spring.  The woman I bought them from was once a caterer but now retired.  I think they are cute, as cute as condiment holders get anyway.


I paid $1.00 for this pouch.  I am going to throw this in the car.  It takes up little space and I like the idea of not always having to remember a reusable bag.


These tool boxes were $.50 each.  I have been looking for something like these to create “Quick Kits”.  More on those coming soon…..  I think this was a big Score at $.50 each!

And finally these cones which I paid $1.00 for all.  Some will be used as party gift bags and the rest will go to an Occupational Therapy department I know of that could really use them.

Great finds and better yet I was able to walk there with the kids happily snacking in their stroller:)

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3 Responses to Thrifty Adventures #3

  1. Nada says:

    For us, yard sale season starts with the “Dump and Run”, a yearly event put on by the local university. It’s a huge yard sale of all the stuff the students aren’t taking back with them when they leave campus. As you can imagine, some awesome things come out of this event. And it starts next week! We are so excited. Yard saling has always been one of our favorite ways to spend a day!

  2. sassy says:

    I love it! You always set up the most interesting yard sale finds! Sweet Sassy Molassey!

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