Green and Free Easter Decorating

Green and Free/frugal often go hand in hand.  To decorate for Free simple use what you already have at home.  Many things can be revamped to fit the current holiday’s theme.  This will cost you $0 and be eco-friendly because you will save items from the landfill.  You will have refrained from buying new products which consume resources to create, including the gas and carbon emissions you won’t use or emit to get to/from the store.   It may also help you to simplify.  Appreciating the beautiful things you do have. 

  Grow flowers for instant decor that will always add loveliness.


These flowers are in a reused pickle jar paired with white rice and some Easter eggs.  I placed it all in a compote that I “had” to buy at a Pampered Chef party.  I do love it though.  The stem is not attached so it is very versatile.  You can make your own compote by placing a small bowl  upside down and then a larger bowl upright on top of it.


Don’t have any Easter Grass?  Make your own by shredding colored paper.  I use my actual shredder but you can just cut paper too.                                          

Bill had cut down limbs from a tree out front so I grabbed a couple of branches to decorate.  In the playroom I made an Easter Egg Tree.  It is on a high shelf to keep little hands away.  I cut varying lengths of Easter Grass (you can use thread too) and put both ends into the plastic eggs and closed them.  No glue or fuss and now the eggs will be reusable for something different next year.  Then I randomly hung the eggs on the tree.  The vases next to the tree are filled with spools of thread.  Each vase is filled with varying shades of the same color.


Here are a few more things I set out that I already had to decorate with:

            I added the Easter Boxes and Cherry blossom projects I made to my spring mantel.

What do you do that’s Green and Free?

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