Going Green: The Cliff Notes #1

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With Earth Day approaching this month I want everyone to have the tools to a Greener life.  I know that if it is easy and cheap more people will make changes.  Every little bit helps.  Really!  I will say it again….EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!  So please join me and do what you can.   I’ll show that it can be easy and even help you save money!

My tips and ideas will fall under one or more of the following categories:

  • Free
  • inexpensive
  • will save you a lot over time
  • can be started immediately
  • can be started today after a little prep work

Today’s Cliff Notes- Going Green in the Kitchen

  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper.  You can often find cloth napkins at thrift stores, make your own from fabric you already have, or simply use kitchen/hand towels.  They can often be used for all meals in one day as long as they are not overly soiled.  I do one load of laundry a week for all kitchen, hand towels, cloth napkins, and bibs.  Save:  the cost of napkins
  • Use kitchen towels to wipe off counters instead of paper towels.  Reuse old and/or stained clothing for rags to clean up messes.  Save:  the cost of paper towels.
  • Find a spare box or bag for holding recycling of paper, glass, plastic.  Save:  the cost of additional bags of trash owed to the garbage collection company if charged per bag.
  • Meal plan.  and grocery shop from the meal plan list.  Save:  money on wasted food, reduced  number of trips to the store (saving gas) and the cost of all the extras you buy at each additional trip.
  • Reuse food containers.  Use them to store leftovers, to take your lunch to work,  as organizational tools for “stuff” around the house.  If a container I use is plastic I either use it for cold food storage,  for crafts, or for other storage.  ie a sour cream container.  I don’t use plastic containers in the microwave or for anything hot.  Plastics break down when heated.  Save:  money on more Tupperware, organizational products, and craft project materials.
  • Unplug small appliances.  Appliances can use phantom power when plugged in.  The clock on the microwave or the coffee maker all drain power even when not in use.  It really is easy to just plug them in as needed.  Save:  on electricity bill
  • Do not leave the water running when washing dishes.  Fill the sink or a large bowl with hot water, scrub the dishes (don’t forget that a little elbow grease goes a long way.) Then rinse.  Save:  WATER
  • Make your own All Purpose cleaner.  Use 1 part vinegar 3 parts water in spray bottle.  Use it on sinks, counters (except-granite and hardwood floors).  I spend $1.99 on a 1 gallon jug on white distilled vinegar and $1.00 from dollar tree on each spray bottle.  This would make enough All purpose cleaner for one year.  For $3.00.. Wow!  I use vinegar for everything (click on vinegar highlighted above for examples) so I go through one gallon faster but the cost remains the same for my All Purpose Cleaner.  Save:  the cost of the multiple chemical products x 1 year it would take to produce the same results as vinegar and water.

I can and will go on but for now let’s just enjoy this sustainable simplified life we’re creating, shall we?

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2 Responses to Going Green: The Cliff Notes #1

  1. Great ideas, especially about the vinegar cleaner. I will definitely try that because “green” cleaners are so expensive and contain many chemicals anyway.

    A quick addition to your tip about meal planning and grocery shopping: I get together with some friends and split costs by buying in bulk directly from a distributor. As for fresh veggies, we take turns going to local farms and buying for the whole week for all of us, and then we split the produce, saving time, money, and gas. It’s even easier to do now that there are online tools available to make collaborative consumption simple. We use one called SplitStuff (http://splitstuff.com) and it’s been great. It’s definitely worth checking out! The discounts we get by buying in bulk are huge…

    Thanks so much for these tips. Green, easy, cheap–what a great combination. 🙂


    • Jenn says:

      Thanks so much for your tips!!! Great tip on website splitstuff.com. I am so happy to have found your blog: splitting-expenses.blogspot.com. Everyone should check this out! hint hint:) Thanks so much for stopping by!

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