Thinking outside the Easter Basket


I am in no shortage of handled baskets around here.  But I wanted to make something for each of my kids that could be used year after year.  I thought about decorating baskets that I had but just wasn’t feeling inspired.  I also wanted a container that was a bit deeper than  a basket because we are not big on loading up the tots on candy.  I have just a few things like books for each of them.  The baskets will be handy for the Easter Egg Hunt.

I stopped by my newly organized craft cabinet and above is what I grabbed to get crafty.  There is a box, fabric, letter stickers, scissors, hot glue gun, tape, box cutter, stamps, ribbon, and paint swatchs.

This is what happened next:

Cut the box into 2 and tape.  Then cover with fabric.


  Next I cut out and decorated an egg from scrapbook paper.  Then created name tags using paint swatchs and ribbon.  Attached the tags and wrapped bottom of boxes with straw ribbon.




With these completed I am off to finish decorating for Easter!

Oh I almost forgot….Total Cost-$0.00  (I used what I had at home)

I was featured on EcoPressed (on our radar)

   The Girl Creative  Photobucket       

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3 Responses to Thinking outside the Easter Basket

  1. Nada says:

    Those are gorgeous! Clever clever you, to make something so simple to be used year after year. I hadn’t thought about what to do for my daughter but you certainly are getting my mind cranking! Thanks!

  2. Sweet Cheeks says:

    This is fantastic! Link me up to your party!

  3. These are very cute! thanks for linking this up to our Wicked Awesome Wednesday party.

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