Odds and Ends #3

Before I begin I want to tell you that our DIY Compost Bin is done!!  Come back tomorrow for the full DIY details.  It is as cool as homemade soil gets:)!!!!!

I have been seeing these Cherry Blossom DIY branches all over blogland and just had to try it!  Here is one of the places I am copy catting (is that a word?)


My brown thumb won’t hurt these a bit!

Below is a wooden box I had.  It has a handle on it so I decided to convert it into a diaper caddy.  I keep it in the downstairs bathroom.  I no longer use a changing table so I often just change my son on the nearest piece of carpet.  He is so wiggly during changes it is better that we are as close to the ground as possible.  Also you should know that I do indeed use cloth diapers at home.  Fuzzi Buns in particular, they are wonderful.  I choose to use disposable when we are going to be out of the house for anything over an hour.  I use Seventh Generation chlorine free diapers and love love love them.  I used these all the time with my daughter.  I just couldn’t get into the groove of cloth with her.  I am not sure why, but I think that it was the “new mom” thing that stopped me the first time around.    You know… the child that never sits on a floor unless a blanket is laid down first!  Ha!  I am not even sure where Liam’s blankets are!  But hey everything is a learning experience right.?  Once Liam was born I started using cloth with him right away and I converted Madelyn over too!  Here’s a good tip:  I used the cloth diapers minus the inserts as training pants for my daughter.   This worked really well.  I just snapped them on the last snaps and she could pull them up and down like underwear.  These let her know/ feel when she was wet but gave me an extra minute to get her to the bathroom before her pants got wet.  In the early potty training stages I could then just put the cloth insert back into the diaper if we were going somewhere for a bit that didn’t have a bathroom.  Just in case.  This seemed to be better for consistency.  And Geeeeez disposable training pants are expensive!  Green wins again:)


Homemade wipes and Wipes solution

Whether you are Green or just Frugal (which can often equal Green)  Homemade Wipes and Wipes Solution are wonderful for both causes: 

I used flannel that I already had and simply cut it up into smallish squares.   No sewing necessary.

For the Wipes Solution I use a foaming dispenser.  I got this great recipe from a friend. 

1-teaspoon liquid glycerine (found at pharmacies), 2-tablespoons of Dr. Bronners pure castile liquid soap (baby mild), 1-cup hot water.  Mix and pour into container.  I take a piece of flannel squirt once or twice with the solution and use.  This is incredible cheaper than using store bought wipes.  The solution is all natural so you are eliminating yet another chemical that is going onto your baby’s skin!  Yeah!  I wash the flannel with my cloth diapers.  I do use disposable wipes when I am out of the house and use Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Wipes.

My Green Challenge for you this week: 

For the Beginner Greenies:   Starting now do not buy bottled water (or other drinks) for one week.  Grab a reusable water bottle and fill it up! 

For the Active Greenies:  Learn how to make one new natural/and or organic product for cleaning or self-care and replace it for your store bought product.  Ideas Here

          Good Luck and I  look forward to hearing about your success stories!

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  1. mamamezzo says:

    Oooh! Subscribing! I need encouragement in the green category. Glad to have found you through UBP11.

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