Odds and Ends Weekends #2

I think I will make this a regular thing every weekend (ok almost every weekend).  I seem to always have random ideas floating around in my head and my home.  Various tips, crafts, how to’s, organizing frenzies, etc..  This is where I will pass it on to you!  Feeling Lucky Yet?:)

  I Love these old lanterns.  The outside 2 belonged to my Great Grandfather.  The center one is my husbands ,not old, but looks good in the set.  Maybe I will dust them soon?  Maybe.

I bought this bulletin board from Pottery Barn Outlet a year or so ago for $.97!  I recovered it with new fabric using a staple gun.  Quick project.

I made 2 Owl hot/cold packs filled with rice.  I got the idea from “Just another hang up.”  I didn’t follow her patterns (big surprise)  I just loved how her owl’s looked and decided to wing it.  (No pun intended.)  Her chick hot packs are adorable too!  My versions are crude in comparison but functional and kinda cute:)

      Left owl is before rice was added.

    This cute little bunny was found in a box of crafty stuff my grandmother had in her sewing room.  She was more than happy to get rid of it.  It is so sweet.


My favorite coffee mug which says “Herself.”

Another week gone by, ideas shared, and new adventures to come.  Until then…

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One Response to Odds and Ends Weekends #2

  1. Suzanne says:

    Thanks so much for the link to my owl heating pads! Glad you created some too!

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