Fun Food Friday! Feeding a Toddler

Truth be told……I am no Betty Crocker, I am not even her long-lost great-niece!  But I have been able to keep my kids happy at meal time and that’s good enough for me!  Don’t worry Bill eats too! 

        Lunch for tots doesn’t have to be a sandwich.  Pictured below is a “pick your favorites” friday lunch by Madelyn.  1 apple, broken up chunk cheddar cheese, carrots, plain or vanilla yogurt (which ever we had at the time) and a few animal crackers.  She was happy and I was happy:)  I used to buy the individual containers of organic yogurt for her.  One day they were out so I grabbed a large tub of Organic Vanilla.  We use it to dip veggies in or just eat from a cup.  So much cheaper and a better choice for the environment-sold.

We all love veggie pizza and it is a great way to promote those veggies when they are not in the mood to eat any.  I use refrigerator crescent rolls and just unroll it and piece it together (I don’t bother making it look too pretty because it doesn’t last long around here.)  Bake crescent roll dough per directions on container -about 11 minutes.   I use about 1/2 cup cream cheese and 1/4 cup mayo.  Melt cream cheese enough to be spreadable.  Mix with mayo and spread on “pizza” after it is baked.  Chop veggies in kid safe sizes and then cover pizza with veggies.  Here I used carrots and lima beans.  Sounds gross right?  Try it!  It is REALLY good.  Lima beans don’t have much of a taste and it’s something new for the kids to like.  Tip:  I keep a bag of frozen lima beans in the freezer (and other veggies)  and then scoop a couple of table spoons into a glass container, add enough water to cover veggies,  microwave for about 30 secs and then drain water and serve.  This is a perfect portion size for a tot and I don’t feel like I have to prepare a huge vegetable dish at every meal. 


and last but not least a little something to make you laugh……

I found this and using sugar-free jello made this.

Be still your heart!  It’s a master piece or maybe a big messy blob of jello!  But Madelyn was thrilled to eat Florida and Maine for dessert and it tasted GOOD! 

Please share your simple kid friendly meals with me!


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