Flea Market Side Table Revamped

We rearranged our bedroom furniture recently.  Our furniture had been in basically the same place since we moved in 3 years ago.  This is extremely unusual for me.  I have been rearranging my bedroom furniture on a regular basis (every few months or so) since Middle School.  This is a trait I inherited from my father.   According to my grandmother he did the same thing when he was a kid and we would often come home to a rearranged room when I was growing up.  I go a little stir crazy when a room stays the same for too long.  I think this is why I often pick up small light weight pieces of furniture at flea markets and garage sales.  I must be able to move the pieces around by myself.  Years ago, however, I purchased “Moving Men” to put under large/ heavy pieces.  It enabled me to move EVERYTHING my self (as long as it was on the same floor.)

Wow, small tangent there.  So anyway,  we had floating shelves on either side of the bed as our bedside tables.  When we moved the bed we had to remove the shelves leaving me with no bedside table. 

I found this cute table at a local flea market yesterday for $25.00.  Not the deal of the century but it is a sturdy piece and I will still probably have it 30 plus years from now.:)          

I love the shape and size.  The paint is an off-white with a  distressed looking finish loving that too.  The flowers just really are not my taste at least for my room.   This would look great in a shabby chic setting.  Large over-stuffed white couches, white or pale pink fabrics draped over tables and this with old-looking books piled on top in some fabulous cottage somewhere…Oh, another tangent:)

Ok time to focus:  Here you go, my revamped side-table

 And this is what it would have looked like on “I Love Lucy”…..and I do!

                                                    I used a few pieces of trusty scrapbook paper and decoupaged it to the inside of the panels on the drawer and door.  I mix elmers glue and water as decoupage.  The container to the left (below) is actual decoupage but it was OLD and rock solid.  The glue and water combo works very well.  I pulled out one of the Tupperware lids I had put in my craft kit for just this reason. After adhering the paper I cut the pieces of ribbon to size then one at a time laid the ribbon piece around the built-in rim on the Tupperware lids where the water/glue was collecting.  Then I just pieced the pattern together.  The end!  almost.


I added a horizontal line of ribbon where the two paper pieces meet together because the line was too visible.  (I took all these pictures at night so the lighting is poor.)  But hey,  I said it before that I am an impatient crafter.    As you can see below the table looks like it’s two totally different colors.


Tell me about your flea market finds.

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7 Responses to Flea Market Side Table Revamped

  1. Christine says:

    awesome find! I definitely like your makeover better than those flowers…..

  2. Brianne says:

    Looks great and wow you work fast! Now I need you to come and organize and rearrange my house!

  3. Jen Webster says:

    That turned out really good. What a great find!
    Thanks for stopping by, and saying hi. 🙂

  4. Allison says:

    You made it sooo up to date! So cute!

  5. great redo! loving the wire-esque effect of the ribbon!


  6. larsinnh says:

    This came out really great! Thanks so much for linking this up to our Wicked Awesome Wednesday link party!

  7. This turned out awesome!

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