Odds and Ends Wednesday

This may become a regular post for me.  I often find that I have bits and pieces to share but they don’t always work together to form a cohesive theme.  So odds and ends it is!

I just LOVE this hat and so does Madelyn!  There are adorable little bees on it.  So Cute!  Check out more of these at Newt’s Landing on Etsy.  Really adorable stuff there!

Here is the cute ceiling fan in our playroom.  So much fun!

Repurpose Cleaning Tip: 

Use an old bottle brush for your dryer lint trap.  It works really well!  

Just want it to be known that I LOVE MY LABEL MAKER!  (Thanks, Brianne, for the great birthday gift!)

These are the extra unmatched lids I found when I uncluttered my Tupperware drawer.  I put a few in my craft bin to use as paint tablets. This is a perfect place to mix colors and the lip around the sides is perfect to wipe extra paint from a brush.  I put the rest in a basket for Liam to toss around.  It was a hit!


These are a portion of the cards I received for Madelyn’s arrival including baby showers and at  birth.  I used a hole punch to punch two holes then threaded a ribbon through and tied it in a bow.  Do not tie a knot it or it will be too hard to add more cards later. 


We use a pair of kitchen scissors to cut up food for the kids.  From sandwiches to pizza to celery.  It works well and is so much easier than using a knife.  We keep a pair designated for kids food only to avoid cross contamination with other foods.  They have these exact pair at the Dollar Tree.  This is a great place for kitchen supplies.

I definitely think Odds and Ends Wednesday will be back.  I am filled with random thoughts and ideas hanging in the wing:)!

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2 Responses to Odds and Ends Wednesday

  1. Laura Bunker says:

    Love your blog. Thanks for all the tips. I definitely am going to buy a label maker.

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