Organizing in Spring: The Catch-All Closet

Today I tackled my hall closet.  It’s near the kitchen and has 4 deep shelves.  My guess is that it was originally the pantry.  My house was built in 1952 and since then a mud room/ laundry room and pantry area have been added on off the kitchen.  So we use this “extra” closet space for non-food general household supplies.

Before:                                                                              After:                        







I used only what I had here at the house.  I painted this spice rack and hung it from 2 silver adhesive hooks.  It holds some child proofing items we will need any minute for my son who is very curious about everything! 

I had some things labelled and added more labels as needed.  COMING SOON to a theatre near you….”A girl who loves her label maker!”    He He:)  I do however laugh when I look in this closet because I originally organized and label it 2 days before my daughter was born in a crazy nesting frenzy.  I woke up at about 4 am and started cleaning like I had never cleaned before!  I couldn’t possible bring a baby home to closet full of disorganized tools!  Strange, I know,  but I know I’m not alone! Right?  On a side note if you want your house CLEANED hire a women who is 39 weeks pregnant!  She might not wash your windows but I guarantee your spices will be alphabetized! 🙂

Don’t forget to shop at home for what you might need first.  Happy Organizing!    

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2 Responses to Organizing in Spring: The Catch-All Closet

  1. Much improved! I bet it felt great didn’t it? I just redid my pantry again today and it is amazing what a catch all every place can be.
    Thanks so much for linking this up to my Organizing Mission Link party.

  2. sItIqwID says:

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