Feb. Food Challenge Results

     Well, March is finally here and so my food challenge has come to an end.  We spent the month of February eating down our pantry and freezer and buying only fresh food items like milk, veggies, fruits, and meats.

From the freezer:  We ate all but a few bags of frozen fruits and veggies. 

From the pantry:  We nearly cleared it out!  At least in comparison to how FULL it was when we started.


     Overall we accomplished our goal to eat what we had at home and only buy what was necessary.  Now as we move forward I have a much better understanding of which staples I should stock up and which ones to buy as needed only. 

     We want to continue to buy as much organically and/or locally grown food as possible.  Like anything when we are intentional in our purchases of food (meal planning, shopping with lists, buying from our farmers markets)  we find that we spend less even if individual prices are higher.   As a result we are able to afford more organic options.  Money is tight and our budget is strict but it is possible to provide healthy meals for our family because it is a priority which means something else has got to give. 

     Being dedicated to the ongoing one year challenge of The Compact has saved me a small fortune I’m sure.   The goal of the Compact is to purchase nothing “new” for one year.  You can however, buy used.  No “new” products with the exception of food, undergarments, and each individual may have their own exceptions.  The point in all of it is to be a more mindful consumer.  Now going into the third month I am seeing big savings.  I have also seemingly freed up a lot of my time.  If there is no point in going to a store where I can’t buy anything then I just don’t go!  More time for the things that really matter.  I never realized how many little things I would pick up here and there without a thought.  I am not even a huge shopper but believe me those little bits add up!

Saving money, mindfully consuming, and loving much!!  Happy March:)

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3 Responses to Feb. Food Challenge Results

  1. Brianne says:

    Wow, you are are so dedicated to take on such challenges. If only I could learn to not enter the store when I know I shouldn’t! Would probably save me a lot of time in spring cleaning.

    Thanks for the great posts and keep em’ coming!

    • Jenn says:

      Brianne, Thanks for the nice comment! I am spring cleaning/ organizing right now and I must tell that I look forward to NEXT years spring cleaning because maybe by then I will have cleaned out a ton of stuff. And just maybe it will be easier to clean:)

  2. I really need to do the pantry thing and I feel like already partially do the compact. I buy almost everything used. Great job on reaching your goals!

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