Gift wrapping with what you already have

Riddle me this:  What is a gift without the wrapping? …………….ECO-FRIENDLY!

      Save yourself that extra trip to the store (and money) to buy gift wrap all while being kinder to the planet.  You already have what you need at home.

This brown paper came to my home as a packing supply with our sons crib.  I saved it because I love this for wrapping material.  I cut the fabric into a long strip from a scrap I had.

I know that not everyone is concerned with the Green movement and eco-friendly living.   It can be intimidating to show your “Green-ness” to people who may or may not have the same views on the subject.  We wonder if some people would think it’s strange to make your own gift wrap.   I added the above “Eco-Friendly Wrapping” tag to the gift to demonstrate a simple way to promote Green-living without saying a word and to not have to explain why you didn’t buy gift wrap.  You will see that people will appreciate the effort you put into making their gift special!  And just maybe you’ll pass on a Green Tip:)

Above the “crystals” (ok plastic) pieces are from a lamp I revamped.

This is fabric with rubber bands to hold it in place.  Great gift wrapping for “him”

I used a can top with safe edges, made a unique magnet as topper for this spaghetti jar.  Then simply tied a ribbon around the top.  This would be a great way to give homemade canned goods as gifts.  The chalkboard paint is optional but I think it’s a cute way to label.  Kids would love this too!  Say full of sidewalk chalk or the ingredients to make homemade play dough.

     Use a decorative tea towel (you could match the towel to the theme of the gift.  (This towel would be great for a garden gift set)

                                                 Personalized by the kids!  Who wouldn’t love this?

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5 Responses to Gift wrapping with what you already have

  1. Jami says:

    You have some great ideas here. I hope you’ll find some time to stop by the Pretty Packages Party and share them.

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  3. 'Becca says:

    Great tips! I mostly reuse the wrappings from gifts we get and use fabric gift bags that my mom and I made.

  4. I love your curly magazine ribbons!

  5. Nicole says:

    Great ideas! I really like gift bags myself because they are so simple and can be used so many times.

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