Organizing for kids and a use for those baby food jars!

So many baby food jars, so little time!  I bought a huge bag of hair ties for $1.00 at Family Dollar (this is an exception on my personal Compact list.)  Madelyn’s hair accessories are like socks in my house, they vanish without a trace.  Anyway,  I pulled out the bag of hair ties and a few baby food jars and asked Madelyn if she wanted to sort them by color into jars.  She sat at the table for 30mins. sorting, dumping, and resorting these things and just loved it.  She also sorted paint brushes for me.  I will come up with  more sorting activities for her very soon.

 Looking oh so organized on my bathroom shelf!


After this I was in the mood to really organize something.  So I tackled the kids book shelf in their room.  My kids currently share a room so I am moving towards greens and yellows to make in work for both of them.  Sorry I don’t have a before picture (I got too excited and forgot!)  But here are the After’s:


                                                                                                                                                                   On another note, we started the morning out the way we have been for several weeks now…….As SUPERMAN!

Our family’s terms of endearment:  Liam is Superman (said in a way I don’t know how to recreate exactly “Sooper Mon”) and pumpkin while Madelyn is Peanut and Sweet Pea “Pea” for short.

Here is a GREAT internet game for kids!  It is called Place the State on the History Channel Site.  My daughter loves it and can recognize over 40 states by the state shape and/or location.  Great teaching tool.  Warning Parents:  You will actually have to know where the states are yourself in order drag states to the correct place on the map.  Believe me this is a great teaching tool for ALL ages.:)

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3 Responses to Organizing for kids and a use for those baby food jars!

  1. Alexandra says:

    What a great idea to use the baby jars for sorting hair ties. You did a great job this week can’t wait to see what you do next.

  2. Kim says:

    What a great way to organize and keep things looking pretty! My baby girl doesn’t quite have enough hair yet to need many accessories, but her mommy sure does! 😉 I may be doing this for myself in the very near future.

    I found you through LambAround’s linky party. Feel free to stop by my blog sometime and perhaps become a follower! I’m hosting a giveaway until tomorrow at midnight, so feel free to check it out! 😉

  3. sooper man! bahaha i love it! ❤ beyond adorable! and hooray for supercute organization!

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