February Food Challenge Update and meal ideas

It has been going ok.  I must say that I had to add to my list of “what I can buy” though.  I added meat/ poultry, eggs, and breads.  I have used up a lot of frozen vegetables and LOTS of beans, mostly in soups.  Believe it or not I have used a lot of my ridiculous amounts of barbecue sauce.  You would think I had stock in it.  I don’t!  Try throwing some boneless skinless chicken breasts into the crock pot and cover with barbecue sauce.  It is delicious and you can get several different meals out of it.  I use the 4lb. packages (about 6-7 breasts) and serve:

  1.  chicken and a vegetable the first night
  2. Shredded barbecue chicken sandwiches another night
  3. chicken wraps or chicken on a salad the third night

I can find the chicken breasts on sale for $1.99lb. for 4 lb packages.  A rare sale is $1.70/lb..  So using the $1.99/ lb.  the base of 3 meals costs me $8.oo  and I would guess that the rest of the ingredients total $6.00.  $14.00 for 3 dinners.  Not too bad!

I knew that with the food challenge I would at some point have to get creative.  So last night I made lasagna.  I thought I had everything I needed but realized way too late that I didn’t have lasagna noodles!  Note to self;  update pantry list.  I decided to use spaghetti noodles instead.  I cooked the noodles and then mixed the ricotta cheese with the noodles in  a bowl.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to spread the Ricotta cheese on the spaghetti noodles like I can with the lasagna noodles.  I just layered the spaghetti noodles over each layer and it turned out just fine.  It obviously doesn’t stay together as well as usual but lasagna doesn’t last long on anyone’s plate in my house to notice.

Have you ever tried to actually use up what’s in your pantry and freezer?   It can be interesting to see what you have been holding onto for YEARS.I am Linking here.

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7 Responses to February Food Challenge Update and meal ideas

  1. sassy says:

    I think that chicken and bbq sauce in the crock pot is a wonderful and easy idea. Love it! Where did you find that recipe? Sassy

  2. Christy says:

    I just cleaned out my pantry and what I have are lots of “sauces” like hoisen, or duck, or marsala – odd things that must have struck my fancy at one time. It is so good to use up what you have.

    • Jenn says:

      I agree Christy. It has been fun trying to come up with new recipes to try to incorporate some of my “odd” ingredients. Happy Cooking! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. jan says:

    wow, your pantry looks so NEAT and clean 🙂 I did a 7-8 week pantry/freezer challenge and just finally threw my hands up in the air since it wasn’t “working” the way it should have 🙂 I’ve got a few (lots) of non-cooperating members in the household PLUS the Italiand Day sales all hit … good job, and excellent thoughts on the bbq chicken!

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