A Message of Simplicity

On my way to work I began thinking about this blog.  Today is one of the much needed work days I was blessed with as I talked about in An Act of Love.  I am a COTA( I LOVE it)   and I work on-call in various Skilled Nursing Facilities.  As I approached my first residence’s/ patient’s room my mind was still preoccupied with simplicity.  I entered the small room where I was greeted by the sweetest smile of an elderly woman we’ll call Emma.  She had a comb, toothbrush, 4 shirts,4 slacks (as called by her), 2 nightgowns, socks, robe, TV, lamb, small drawer of misc. papers, mints, and pens, a Bible and 2 framed pictures in the room.  That was it.  One picture was of her home and one was of her family.  She began telling me stories of her home but not once did she mention the material things that it possessed.  She then told me stories of her family, their adventures, trips, daily lives yet not once did she mention what they bought or had wanted to buy.  She did however tell me about the love, laughter, sorrow, peace, hope, and faith in her life.  Clearly, although in a room with few “things”, it was plenty full for Emma.  Full of memories.  Now living in a small room shared, divided by a curtain, she sat there smiling.  With her home long ago sold and no family left Emma had everything that mattered to her.  She felt blessed and I am blessed to know her.

I have been told before that people come into our lives for a                                                Season, Reason, or a Lifetime.  Maybe Emma’s reason is a message of simplicity!

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