Repurpose; Shop for free

Shop in your home.  Before going to stores to pick up stuff needed look around your home first and get creative.  Become a mindful consumer.  Every item we purchase new comes with its own carbon footprint.  Go green, grab  a laundry basket and go shopping around your home for things you can repurpose.  I would love to hear about what you create or how much fun it is to shop in your pajamas. 

Repurpose:  #1. Box to Decorative Lined Waste Basket –

Cheap, cheerful, and coordinating!

 You’ll need a box, tape, scissors, fabric, stapler, & hot glue gun (other glue).  Fold down flaps. Tuck heavy plastic bag & tape down.  Cover with fabric, staple on the inside a few times to hold in place.           Tape the fabric to the plastic bag. 

Cover the tape with fabric.  Use hot glue gun to attach fabric over tape. 

A decorative lined waste basket


Repurpose:  #2.  Art display

These are hooks for hanging curtains, you could use clothes pins too.  Screws with loop are from a picture hanging kit purchased at a dollar store.  Tie ribbon to loop screws on each end.

Hang kids art work or yours and enjoy!




Repurpose:  #3.  Wedding Bouquet or Roses Display

I found this shadow box at  a garage sale several months after I got married (5 years ago.)  I had dried my wedding bouquet which was all roses but I didn’t know what I was going to do with it.  Here’s what I did: 

  • break the roses off of their stems (dried.)
  • hold the head of the rose securely and cut bottom to create a flat surface
  • immediately place in shadow box
  • repeat until box is full
  • place glass back onto frame

I would have probably thrown away by bouquet by now if it was still in bouquet form.  They get very dusty over time.  I have pictures of the way the bouquet looked on my wedding day and now I can keep the real thing too.

Happy Repurposing!

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5 Responses to Repurpose; Shop for free

  1. Hi Jenn, thank you for stopping by at my blog.

    I see you also re-purpose paper boxes. With some creativity you can really achieve wonders for a room 🙂

    The shadow box for your wedding bouquet is a great idea. I have to remember that for the future.

  2. Jackie says:

    These are great ideas! I especially like the art display. I am always looking for ways to display my children’s artwork. Thanks so much for linking up!

    • Jenn says:

      Thanks for stopping by Jackie! The art display has been a lot of fun. My daughter gets so excited everytime a new piece of her artwork goes up!

  3. Abbi says:

    I love your projects! I too prefer to shop at home first. I hate the idea of going and buying something new if I might already have something that works. My goal is to consume less but I also love that I can save money too!

    We have an art wall for our kids’ projects too. I have four kids and lots of art so we ran 3 rows of ribbon on our hallway wall and then use painted clothespins to hang them up.

    • Jenn says:

      Abbi, Thanks for stopping by! It is really great to hear that more and more people care about consuming less! I may also have to add more rows for art work because my daughter loves projects and my son will be drawing before I know it! 🙂

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