Farmers Markets and Fire Alarms!

On Tuesday morning we decided to venture to a local farmers market.   Liam was asleep in the stroller and Madelyn walked along side holding the stroller with one hand and her soft pretzel with the other.  Repeatedly saying  “Thank you, Mommy, for the soft pretzel thank you!”  Slowly we wondered from stand to stand buying grass-fed meats and lots of organic or local fruits and vegetables.  I kept thinking about how pleasant this morning has been.   After lunch came nap time and again a book and kiss and they were both asleep.  I,  feeling motivated , went right to the kitchen.   My goal:  to attempt baking the potato skins my husband has been asking for ever since our old stove exploded (just a few weeks ago.)  My sister gave me a great recipe which called for olive oil, Parmesan cheese, and garlic powder to coat the outside of the potato. Yum!  I threw on some butternut squash to bake and then puree as baby food.

The kids were sleeping, food was baking, and I had time to surf the web while sipping some coffee.  A great SIMPLE day.  Until…………..

The fire alarms started going off!  Out of instinct and experience as a mediocre cook I grab a dish towel and start fanning the fire alarm like crazy.  Only this time it is not working.  I begin running from alarm to alarm fanning like a pro.  Still nothing.  1o minutes goes by.  I now have doors and windows open and it’s 34 degrees outside.  Liam starts crying from his crib.  I call my husband who for whatever reason answers his phone while in a meeting.  I am yelling loudly over the fire alarm “how do I turn off the FIRE ALARMS?”  I am now on a chair ready and threatening to rip it out of the ceiling.  My husband had to hang up to avoid everyone hearing me yelling into the phone in my now panicked state.  He texted me “go to the electrical box and turn off the alarms.”   Ok, yeah good idea that will work.  I go to the basement switch the circuit off but also switch the circuit for the lights in the basement.  I run back upstairs in the dark stumbling over boxes for Goodwill.  (I need to put those in the car!)  Anyway,  the alarms are still going.  Battery back-ups!!!!   I run upstairs to get my son who is now screaming.  I also wake-up my daughter who is actually sleeping through this with an alarm directly over her head.  There is nowhere to go in the house that’s quiet.  I realize I am going to have remove every battery from 9 alarms!  The kids are both upset.  I now trash my own house hurling chairs to each alarm to remove the battery, throwing anything that’s in my way.  I frantically run from alarm back to kids to alarm until the last battery was removed.  FINALLY, quiet.

Well, after a small investigation I realize that the flat pan I used had hole in it.  How, I have no idea.  The oil mixture I used on the potatoes dripped to the bottom of the stove and the high heat (475 degrees) must have cause the alarm to sound. 

 But the potatoes skins were great and I met some friends for coffee once the kids were in bed that night.  What a day.  Life is a rollercoaster.  But I have always LOVED rollercoasters!

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