The February Food Challenge

February is already underway, I know, but it’s not to late to join me in a Food Challenge.  My plan is to eat down my pantry and freezer.  I read about doing this type of challenge on My year without spending.  Angela Barton the author of this blog did this in January.  It’s simple really.  I am going to eat and plan my meals around what I already have at home.  I will buy fresh veggies, fruit,  and milk  if needed but all other ingredients will come from our supply stock.  I know I am going to have to get creative with meals especially at the end of the month but hey maybe a new family fave will emerge! 

So……I hope you will join me and let me know how it is going for you!  Does anyone have a great recipe or two for frozen vegetables, beans, barbecue sauce, and enough mustard to sink a ship?

                  Finally ORGANIZE your grocery shopping.

Hey, that’s a good idea…  Since you will be forced to do some meal planning with this challenge anyway, why not put some plans in place.  Afterall, going Green is also about simplifying your life.  Think of  how many less quick trips you will have to make once you have a plan.  More time for you, less harm done to the earth.  Gotta love those win win scenarios.

Here’s how:

1.  Grab a pen and paper from the huge repurposed stacks of paper you found from my Got 15 minutes, Let’s start Greening post.  Write down everything you have in your pantry and freezer.  I now this sounds like a lot of work but you can keep this part simple by using broad categories. ie. canned beans-6, mustard-5, etc.

2. You can take this list to your computer and start coming up with meal ideas from ingredients you already have.  Allrecipes is a great site for this.  Be sure to save the recipes you like as soon as you see one.  Don’t assume you will ever find it again or come back to it later.  We know that won’t happen!  I open a word file on my desktop and then just cut and paste recipes to my blank word document.  I can print or access them as needed.

3.  As you begin to prepare meals start putting checks by the items you are using.  This is the initial list with everything in your pantry/ freezer.  Add any ingredients not on the list.  Eventually,  you will see the trends of what your family eats.  Those items with checks by them can now become a permanent grocery list.  You could save it on your computer and make copy’s to take to the grocery store.  If you hang a list on the fridge you can just circle items you need once you use it up.  A more Green ideas would be to laminate one copy and use a washable marker to circle items-then keep reusing it!

You can create lists for all other products you buy (self-care,laundry,etc.).  This allows you to avoid extra trips to the store due to lack of planning.  Also saves extra money spent when picking up just a “few” things.  Once again you have decreased driving=decreased carbon emissions/footprint, decreased needless shopping= decreased use of valuable resources to produce this and that, and saved yourself time and money.  Not too shabby!

GOOD JOB! You are Green and going…


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