Sorry landfill, not today!

     I recently visited a few a of my local consignment and reuse it shops.  I am looking for items to decorate our family room and newly transformed playroom once guest room.  As a member of The Compact, I know I will be buying only used items to achieve the look I am after.  I am going for (as least right now) a light, bright, comfortable, kid friendly, less is more theme.  Here is what I have found and reinvented so far……


I bought this at the Reuseit Shop for $5.  It is really rough-looking around the bottom edges.  I didn’t want to put too much time into this so I just wiped it down and painted it an off-white. I used paint I had just collecting dust in the basement.  Unfortunately the paint was not a no VOC ( Volitale Organic Compounds) paint but I did save the paint from the trash.  


Total Cost = $5  

Number of items saved from a landfill= 2

And now here it is in its new home in the playroom.  (yes, that IS a VCR and those ARE VHS tapes!)  My kids are 2 1/2 years and 9 months old so as long as the Fisher Price Little People tapes are playing they are happy.  You didn’t think I would just get rid of a perfectly good VCR did you?  Besides VHS tapes run me anywhere from $.10-$.50 at garage and consignment sales so who’s complaining. 

This lamp which is actually a tea light holder cost $1 from Salvation Army.  I am using as is! 

I bought 2 oval picture frames $2 each from the Reuseit Shop, painted them with the same off-white paint from above.  Then took out  the pictures and stapled  fabric (which I had in my box of random fabrics) to the back of the frames and Voila!

                                              BEFORE      /          AFTER

Total amount spent= $10

Total # of items diverted from a landfill =6 (including paint and fabric scraps)

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