Got 15 minutes to spare? Let’s start Greening.

     One step at a time.  It can be easy to disregard going Green because it seems like a huge undertaking that we can’t possible fully achieve.  Guess what!  This is one of those times when we can say “every little bit helps” and truly mean it!

Ok Let’s get right to it….this is going to be so simple and you are going to feel so good about finally taking the first big leap to a Greener simpler life.

  • First, find a small basket, box, or container of some sort (even a grocery bag will do) from around your house .   This is now a home your incoming mail.  Place all your mail here as it comes into the house.  Once you open it, separate the papers you need from all other mail.  You could place a piece of cardboard between the two categories, use paper clips, rubber bands or two separate bags to do this, but only use what you already have around the house.  In the section with all of your unwanted mail place envelopes and papers that can be reused as scrap paper.  Recycle the rest. 
  • Now grab a another bag, basket, or container you have on hand (this will only be a temporary storage place) and start wondering about every room of your house collecting all the writing utensils you can find easily.   Can you believe you found that many and yet never have a pen when you need one?  You just spared the planet of having to use more resources to make more pens that would have then been transported to the store from who knows where just so we can buy stuff we already have.  Boy, you really are making a difference already.
  • Now that you have a pen and paper… make a list just off the top of your head of everyone you need to buy gifts for this year.  Add to your list as needed but keep it where you can reference it when you need to.  This will help you to be able to plan ahead and hopefully choose more Eco-friendly options by avoiding last-minute pressure purchases.  Think gift cards, local businesses, tickets to parks, zoo’s, dinner’s out, etc..

 Ok, Good job!  You are looking Greener already.  So go ahead and tell people you are going Green because you have already begun!

Hey, that’s a good idea– Use the extra envelopes you receive in the mail with credit card offers and the like as coupon holds and write your grocery list on the outside of the envelope.  This way you will have everything you need in one spot and it gives those wasted envelopes another purpose.

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