Seriously, put it down!

      The obvious other side to getting rid of the stuff we don’t use or need is to stop buying the stuff we won’t use and don’t need.  That’s why I joined an on-line group called The Compact.  It is a group of people who strive to become mindful consumers.  The initial challenge is to not buy any “new” products for one year.  There are a few exceptions and you can buy used and/or borrow.  It is an amazing group with so many great ideas to help you through the challenge.  Things like how do I handle gift giving and how do you get your kids/ families on board?  Not to mention tips on gardening, canning, organizing, and so much more!  This could easily become a way of life instead of a temporary challenge but I think the point is to just stop and think about what we are buying and what each purchase really means.   Does this purchase make me a better person?  Does it help me, bring me closer to God or my family?  Or does it just fill a space on a table or add to the clutter in my closet, garage, basement?  So now I simply walk by that discounted table full of great deals and future landfill fillers.  It really is quite freeing, you should try it!


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