Take my stuff, Please!

     OK, it’s time to simplify!  Long overdue as a matter of fact.  No one needs this many shirts or ill-fitting pants.  The toy store we call a playroom is next. Don’t get me wrong I buy my kids used clothes and toys but they still don’t need 400 of everything do they?  To combat future outbreaks the one in one out rule is in effect for all of us.  My husband and I are not shoppers by any means buts our bookshelves are filled with LOTS of good intentions.  Our clothes have so many different “life” sizes (you know; college, dating, married, gave birth sizes)  we could offer something for everyone.   So now the calm before the storm.  I am lining large totes, laundry baskets, and boxes (that I already have)  around my dining room.  Soon, very soon, these will all be filled with “stuff”.  Donate, give to…,reuse, keep, and toss will be their fate.  Finally, the excess will slowly begin to vanish.  

     It bothers me that there are items just lying around my house that we don’t use or need when they could  help someone else fulfill a need.  Green living is easy when you take it back to the basics.  Sharing with or borrowing from a neighbor, growing your own vegetables,  walking or riding your bike, and simply wasting less.  Join me as I take my family on a green life adventure.  That’s exactly what’s happening too!  As we strive to live in a more earth friendly way we are unfolding  more adventure, faith, and love back into our lives.

I hope to bring you stories of day-to-day Green triumphs, teachable moments with my kids, my love of reusing things in a new way, how to’s on homemade Green products,  kid craft projects, organic gardening, and why Green saves me money constantly, and the list will go on……

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